Visualize applets - a small sampler

Simple, mostly with given data or random "data" Less simple, including that you can input your own data Even less simple for various reasons
Watch a dotplot being made Make a dotplot after choosing how much to round the values. (Use this data if you want.)  

  Watch a stemplot being made

  Histogram animation with many choices
Watch a histogram being made Compare two histograms

Make a histogram and then change the number of bins and starting point

    Shapes of 20 samples from the same distribution.

Estimating standard deviation

or, even simpler, training for estimating standard deviation

Percentages in tables    
Convergence of sample proportions    
Compute various statistics  
Change data from rows to columns and sort data  

This is a work in progress - about 8 months so far.

We have many different applets, which we're still sorting through about

So, for now, we have four lists - from those you might want to give a student even before they start the course, on up to more advanced.

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For more info about this, including how to copy them yourself, contact Hunter Ellinger,