Philosophy and Purpose

The main purpose of St. Luke Infant Care Center (SLICC) is to provide high quality, affordable care to infants, ages two months to two years. This is done in a caring and affirming atmosphere in which parents and staff participate together in the development of the infants’ social, emotional, and physical skills. At St. Luke Infant Care Center, the childcare philosophy is guided by profound respect for each child, and recognition of the importance of building self-esteem in young children.

St. Luke Infant Care Center is an outreach ministry of St. Luke United Methodist Church. Recognizing that participating families are from a variety of religious backgrounds, the program is nonsectarian.


SLICC was established as an outreach ministry of St Luke United Methodist Church in 1981. Originally, a parent cooperative for University of Texas student families and housed at Shettles United Methodist Church, now Hyde Park United Methodist, the center first cared for children 2-18 months of age. It expanded to include 18-24 month olds in 1984 and took up residence in the renovated space on the St Luke UMC property.

As the need for infant/toddler day care emerged beyond the university community, SLICC modified its target group to offer its program to everyone. Co-oping remained a part of the SLICC program but became an option rather than a requirement.

St Luke's co-oping philosophy permeates many aspects of the Center's program. Parents comprise the majority of the Advisory Board and are encouraged to visit their child's classroom when time allows. High parent involvement is an integral part of the quality of care enjoyed by children at St Luke.


SLICC operates under the guidance of the St. Luke United Methodist Church Administrative Board, which employs the Director. The Director manages SLICC and hires and supervises the staff.

The Center’s Advisory Board is composed of parent representatives from each classroom, church members, and a staff liaison. These representatives contact parents for the purpose of soliciting praises, concerns or comments and relay this information to the Director. The board also plans Center events and discusses SLICC issues.