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OpposeHB 3979 E Sent to the Governor 24 days ago
The bill would limit free speech and engagement in classrooms.
 House Bill 3979 would control how educators can teach history and social studies students. It targets the diversity and inclusion efforts already underway in public schools across Texas. [More]
OpposeSB 1365 E Sent to the Governor 24 days ago
The bill would give wide discretion to TEA to take over any school district board cited for poor performance in a few of their schools.
 No state takeover has ever improved a school district! Taking away local control is not something the legislature should do just to appease charter school chains or a few state officials. [More]
SupportHB 764 Referred to Public Education 46 days ago
The bill would remove high school end-of-course exam requirements.
 The bill would substantially reduce standardized-testing requirements, and eliminate standardized end-of-course exams required for advancement [More]
SupportSB 2081 E Sent to the Governor 24 days ago
The bill would mandate improved pre-K student/teacher ratios.
 This bill would ensure pre-K class sizes and student-teacher ratios are manageable, meet national best practices, and create an optimal learning environment for children. [More]
SupportHB 2954 S Committee report printed and distributed 31 days ago
The bill would extend suicide prevention and intervention programs to elementary schools.
 Mental health has become an increasingly important part of child development in the primary school age. This bill will provide schools the resources to assist elementary children with developing skills to increase awareness about mental health and increase children's empathy and emotional intelligence. [More]
OpposeSB 28 H Failed to receive affirmative vote in comm. 45 days ago
The bill would remove the power of local govts and state board of education to control expansion of charter schools.
 Under SB 28, charter schools would no longer be subject to local government or state education board control.  [More]

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