Hunter Ellinger
Software development

I have worked for many years in this fascinating field, whose rapid development has continuously revealed new possibilities. My role has generally been that of a technical leader -- making the primary design decisions, writing the code for core routines, and supervising the work of a few other programmers.  Advances in software-development technology (and the web revolution) have made it feasible for me to do most of the programming myself, but of course close communication with experts in the area in which the program is to be used is still an essential part of software development.

Outline of major programming projects (most recent first):

Student-history analysis system for Austin Community College (in beta: PHP, MySql, MS SQL Server)

ACC course-schedule utilities (PHP)

Sites supporting submissions and judging for the "New Folk" contests of the Kerrville Folk Festival (PHP, MySql)

Projects related to educational-software development: See education pages, including a design treatise and outline (Java, Mathematica, javascript, VBScript, C, C#; web-oriented)

Precinct-information web site for Travis County Democratic Party (C# & SQL Server; uses election-results and voter-registration records)

Site listing the contents and authors/artists for The Rag, Austin's first"underground" newspaper, for which I one of the volunteers 1969-75. (C# & SQL Server; the biggest task was supporting efficient data entry)

Voting-encouragement site showing who had voted early in Travis County (ASP/SQL; used for over 50,000 voter look-ups during fall 2004)

Political-action web sites supporting Austin Community College (ASP, MS SQL Server)

Exemplar Technologies, Inc., on behalf of Capacity Calibration, Inc. (Active Server Pages site using javascript and SQL, coordinated with distributed applications in Java & Visual Basic)

  • Design and implementation of a commercial load-testing service for web sites
  • Service makes use of widely-distributed "agent" computers (written in Java)
  • Robust system of HTTP-based communication between agents and central site
  • Extensive provision for customization and generalization of testing process

Scientific Measurement Systems, Inc.  (assembly, Fortran, C/C++, Tcl/Tk; PDP-11, Vax, Sun, Alpha, PC, DSP devices)

  • Automated entire-part dimensional analysis from CAD/CT comparisons*
  • PC-based control of scanner devices, network connections to workstations
  • Speed-optomized programming for tomographic image formation
  • Design and software for few-view real-time scanners for pipe* and sheet steel*
  • Invention of several novel patterns of tomographic data acquisition and reconstruction
  • User command language for tomographic control/analysis
  • Program system for display, analysis, and measurement of tomographic images
  • Library of utility routines enabling use of advanced structures in Fortran
  • Data-acquisition software for first industrial-applications CT scanner*

* Listed as an inventor in the related patent

University of Texas at Austin, Center for the Study of Human Resources (Fortran, ccmacro; Control Data computers)

  • System for report extraction from large census workforce data files

University of Texas at Austin, Center for Nuclear Studies (assembly, Fortran; DEC computers)

  • Stand-alone control program to which other components were added
  • Data-acquisition systems for linear-accelerator experiments
  • Real-time extraction of coincident gamma-ray spectra
  • User programmability for experiment/analysis control

National Oceanographic Data Center (Fortran; IBM computers)

  • Validation, analysis, and display of water-temperature-profile data