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Changes   Detect changes (except enrollment) between two versions of a schedule
Courses   Provide distribution and enrollment information by course
Enrollment   List sections in order of enrollment level
Faculty   List faculty, with courseload and sections
Filter   List sections meeting specific conditions
Frequencies   Summarize sections by campus, course, times, etc.
Limits   Analyze room class-size limits
Rooms   List room-usage statistics
Spreadsheet   Extract schedule information to be copied into a spreadsheet

This site is designed to provide efficient access to the information in the ACC course schedules. It does this by directly reading the Austin Community College schedule website and presenting its information to users in a variety of forms adapted for specific uses, especially for further analysis in spreadsheet programs.

The site uses a stored copy of an ACC schedule page if more than one reference to it is made within an hour. This speeds site response and ensures that the site does not place a significant burden on ACC servers. Changes to the schedule are thus not immediately visible, although the site will be no more than an hour out of date. It is possible to explicitly refresh a page.

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